Terms & Conditions

Minimum Delivery

A minimum delivery value of £40.00 (this can be made up with multiple orders for the same location and delivery day),


Our drivers are not authorised to accept goods for return without prior notice. However damaged goods may be returned for a full credit at the time of delivery only.


Claims for shortages should be made at the time of delivery but in any event claims must be made to the office on the day of delivery.


All goods offered for sale are warranted to be of the nature, substance and quality described and to comply with all statutory requirements from time to time in force relating to the sale of foods (so far as applicable to such goods).

Product Durability

Most food products with a life from manufacturer of twelve months or less must by law be dated either by a Best Before or a Sell By statement. We as a company make every endeavour to ensure that all dated stock has an optimum remaining life when we sell to our customers. All customers are advised to check the durability dates upon receipt. We therefore regret that we are unable to accept returned products relating to date coding from our customers.

Telephone Call Monitoring

Please note that your calls may be Monitored to by one of our telesales managers or regional trainers to assist with ongoing training and development of our staff with the aim of giving you the best possible service.

Overdue Accounts

Please note that we reserve the Statutory right to invoke an interest charge, currently 8.5% p.a., on all overdue accounts in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. We will also add Compensation charges in line with said Act as follows:
Invoices under £1000 - £40.00 per invoice
£1000 - £9999.99 - £70.00 per invoice
£10000.00 plus - £100.00 per invoice

On any account passed to our Collection Agency, you will be liable for all costs incurred, minimum fee £ 40.00

Applicable Next Day Delivery


All next day delivery schedules must be agreed with Metrow Foods before they can be authorized

Web orders placed for delivery outside Essex and it's surrounding Counties


All orders placed for delivery outside Essex and its immediate surrounding counties must have authorisation from our Logistics Department prior to the orders acceptance.

Failure to get prior acceptance for your delivery may lead to your order being cancelled and, if a refund is required a 3.8% (of the order value) charge will be applied.


We are a UK based company, trading as Metrow Foods (Grays) Ltd, our address is Airborne Close, Leigh-on Sea, Essex, SS9 4EN

These Terms and conditions shall be construed and enforced soley in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.