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MINI  CIABATTA MIX   40gm x 75

Price£19.25 75x40gm

Stock code:DCIAMM

Description:Mini ciabatta assortment.Quick-frozen. Party box of fully baked assorted mini ciabatta's. All made from the typical liquid dough using sourdough.
Ingredients: Wheat ciabatta (WHEAT flour, water, sourdough (WHEAT, RYE), iodisedsalt, yeast, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid)), Malted ciabatta(WHEAT flour, water, iodised salt, RYE flour, yeast, roasted malt flour(WHEAT, BARLEY), linseed, sunflower seeds, bran (SOYA), gluten (WHEAT),SESAME SEEDS, SOYA flakes, sourdough (RYE), flour treatment agent(ascorbic acid)), Multigrain ciabatta (WHEAT flour, whole WHEAT flour,SESAME SEEDS, water, brown linseed, millet, sourdough (WHEAT, RYE),iodised salt, yeast, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid)).
Allergy Information: Cereals containing gluten (i.e. wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised strains). Sesame seeds and products thereof. Soybeans and products thereof.
Possible crosscontamination; Nuts and products thereof. Mustard and products thereof. Eggs, milk, celery.